Why Select an HSP Home Warranty?

Why Select an HSP Home Warranty?

HSP is owned and operated by a husband and wife team who were born and raised in Columbus, OH. HSP is the only locally owned and operated Home Warranty Company in Central Ohio and only work with local contractors. This makes a difference when it comes to customer service and getting the coverage/repair when needed. That is why e-Merge Real Estate chose to partner with HSP. It makes yours and your future homeowners lives easier during what can be a stressful time.

You can add a home warranty through HSP as a Seller, Buyer, or homeowner outside of a real estate transaction!

Did you know, greater than 90% of homebuyers today will ask for a Home Warranty when they put an offer on a listing? If you have seller coverage in place already during the listing period, you benefit in many ways:

1. HSP do not charge for seller coverage. The warranty is paid for at closing. *
2. You will have control over the warranty protecting you and the future homeowner.
3. If the buyer is receiving a warranty, why not benefit from it?
4. HSP offers 2 free services available to you that will save you on out-of-pocket expenses during negotiations (you won’t get that with any other company). A free cleaning and check up the AC and the Furnace. Buyers often ask for that to be done during negotiations. Rather than pay out-of-pocket, you can utilize those 2 services through HSP at no charge. (Estimated value $300-$350)
5. Coverage is there for those unexpected moments. You may spring a leak before an open house or your garage door opener goes out, etc.
6. Coverage includes the Gas Line Warranty which buyers will ask for.

Do yourself a favor, and check out HSP’s website for yourself to see the HSP warranty difference!

*If claims are paid out on your behalf and you choose to take the home off the market, or it does not sell you have to either purchase the warranty and will receive the coverage for a year or reimburse for repairs provided.